Does a QR code Needs to Be Black and White?

TechDoes a QR code Needs to Be Black and White?

If I have to answer this question in a single word, I will say “NO”. Although it is a common trend that mostly QR codes are black and white.

 But you don’t need to follow the same. You can make a QR code of multiple different and unique colors. You can also make a code according to your company’s theme color. Let us follow and look at different shades of a QR code. So,

Making of QR Code

In general, a QR code is made of small squares. These all squares combine together to form a code. However, these squares are divided into two parts. The one significant feature are black connected with a white QR code.

In simple words, foreground squares are black in color, and background squares are white. Both colors help you out in making the scanning of code easy. So, a scanner notices the difference and detects the pattern. As long as there is a difference in colors, the scanner will consider the QR code valid.

Some of the card makers usually use images having many colors. Sometimes, these colors become so bold that they confuse the scanner. So, there comes a possibility where the barcode doesn’t pick the colors and considers the code invalid.

What Scanner Look While Scanning the Code?

The scanner looks for two different types of colors or modules. So, you need to be conscious of the colors. Suppose you fill a single color in the whole code and additional modules. It may become an issue for you because the scanner will simply not consider the code.

Therefore, you need to hold the positioning of squares and make the visualization clear. It’s highly recommended to use a light tone for the background and a vibrant one for the foreground color. So, as for the background, you can go with gray or white color correspondingly.


Instead of removing all the colors of the built-in images. You can use identical but a darker and lighter tone for distinguishing. So, just like it, a scanner can easily read and make it easy for users to scan off the encoded data.

Many companies are using unique colors with exciting images to enhance the beauty of their digital way.

How To Color Your QR Code

You just need to follow up on some of the primary and simple steps for coloring your QR code. So, let’s have a look at them:

  • Start searching a QR generator or type the URL.
  • Now, you can select the features that you want.
  • Choose between dynamic and static code.
  • Click on “Generate code.”
  • Now, you will come along with the customization of your code.
  • So, you can select your preferred colors or images.
  • Test up your QR code.
  • Now, print the code to continue.

Why Is It Suitable to Color Your QR Code

Well, according to a survey conducted in 2017. It came forward that color enhances brand recognition by more than 80%. So, whether you are a marketing brand or an influencing one, you can color your code to attract your users more.

A colored QR code builds the customer’s trust and makes the consumer more curious. So, with the right colors in your QR code, you can make a huge difference. These are the reasons why a QR code should be colored.

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