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Whenever you are thinking about Dubai in 2022, the picture of high skyscrapers, beautiful islands such as Palm Jumeirah, outdoor adventure, and lavish shopping malls in Dubai. Albeit tons of other attractions and activities will spring up to your mind, that you might get a bit dizzy.

One of the main attractions in Dubai is the largest shopping mall not only in UAE, but the largest in the world: The Dubai Mall. When you are talking about malls in Dubai, you can never-ever leave out Dubai Mall, as it’s the epitome of leisure activities in Dubai.

Today our Dubai guide is about assisting you with what is special in Dubai Mall.

How is Dubai Mall Special
Dubai Mall is special because of its key locations, the amenities offered inside the shopping mall, the attractions of the mega retail store, and lastly of its nearby landmarks such as Downtown Dubai. The largest malls in Dubai and the world. Dubai Mall size is equivalent to 50 football fields spread across an area of 12 million sq. ft. The whole surrounding area of Downtown Dubai is developed by Emaar Properties.

The Dubai Mall Location
The shopping mall is located in the vibrant and buzzing community of Downtown Dubai. One of the most prestigious addresses in the whole UAE. Around The Dubai Mall you have the iconic Burj Khalifa, the beautiful and largest musical fountain: The Dubai Fountain. Amazing five-star hotels, properties for sale and rents, and amazing public transportation to and in Dubai Mall. If you do not have a car, you can take Dubai Mall Metro Station to enter and exit the retail store and every corner of Dubai.

Attractions inside Dubai Mall
Let’s dive into the biggest shopping mall in the world, with our guide of The Dubai Mall. There are so many attractions to choose from, that we can not compile onto just one guide. We have to pick and choose popular attractions, must see attractions, and of course key guides on what to do in Dubai Mall in 2022.


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